June 19, 2019
Dr. Michael Civin Ph.D.

Besides being a co-founder of Rose Hill Psychological Services beginning in 2007, where he is a senior psychologist, Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D. also works out of a private practice that serves patients in Astoria, Manhattan, and Bayville areas of New York. Dr. Civin continues to accept and treat new and long-time patients at all Rose Hill locations in New York and he does so with the greatest of care. Rose Hill was founded to offer affordable high-quality psychological services to underserved populations at affordable prices.

Rose Hill’s services have been so well-received, they have been able to expand beyond one office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to yet another in Mohegan Lake, New York. In each of those locations and in his private practice, Dr. Michael Civin and his associates remain committed to providing excellent psychological services at an affordable price. Michael Civin Ph.D. and his team continue to be committed to providing excellent service at relatively low cost.